Our Man In Marrakesh | 1966 | Tony Randall, Senta Berger,

Tony Randall stars as an American architect in Marrakesh who becomes involved in the quest for some vital secret documents that could influence an upcoming UN vote. Senta Berger is the gorgeous CIA agent he falls for, and Herbert Lom is the villain.

Tony Randall as Andrew Jessel
Senta Berger as Kyra Stanovy
Terry-Thomas as El Caid
Herbert Lom as Mr. Casimir
Wilfrid Hyde-White as Arthur Fairbrother
Grégoire Aslan as Achmed
John Le Mesurier as George Lillywhite
Klaus Kinski as Jonquil
Margaret Lee as Samia Voss
Francisco Sánchez as Martinez
Burt Kwouk as Export manager
Maria Rohm as Woman in Carriage

Director: Don Sharp
Producer: Harry Alan Towers
Script: Harry Alan Towers, Peter Yeldham

UK | 92 minutes | 1966


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