PARDON THE EXPRESSION | ITV Sitcom 1965-1966 | Arthur Lowe, Robert Dorning

Pardon the Expression” was a sitcom that aired on ITV (Made by Granada) from 1965 to 1966. The show consisted of 39 half hour episodes. H.V. Kershaw served as the executive producer, with Harry Driver producing Season 1 and Derek Granger producing Season 2.

The series was actually spin-off from Coronation Street and featured the character Leonard Swindley (Arthur Lowe), who in Coronation Street had worked for Gamma Garments, as the assistant manager in a department store. Despite the production of 39 episodes, only 36 were actually broadcast. There was also a follow-up series called “Turn Out the Lights” in which Swindley turned ghost hunter.

The main cast included Arthur Lowe as Leonard Swindley, Robert Dorning as Walter Hunt in Season 2, Betty Driver (who would go on to a long running role in Coronation Street) as Mrs. Edgeley, Paul Dawkins as Ernest Parbold, and Joy Stewart as Miss Sinclair in Season 1.

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