Percy | 1971 | Hywel Bennett, Denholm Elliott
Percy Hywel Bennett

Percy | 1971 | Hywel Bennett, Denholm Elliott

Limp sex comedy from a time when a plot about a penis transplant was thought to have a certain kind of exhilarating bravery. Bennett is the man with the grafted organ, Elliot the hare-eyed scalpel-wielder, Somer and Ekland the women on the receiving end. Underneath the knowing permissiveness, it’s really a below-the-belt remake of that hoary old melodrama The Hands of Orlac, told in that unmistakably British lowbrow 1970s style.

Not without interest as kitsch, but you’d have to be very keen on nob-jokes to stick with it to the end – and some sort of sociopath to be tempted by the 1974 sequel, Percy’s Progess.

Hywel Bennett as Edwin Anthony
Denholm Elliott as Emmanuel Whitbread
Elke Sommer as Helga
Britt Ekland as Dorothy Chiltern-Barlow
Cyd Hayman as Moira Warrington
Janet Key as Hazel Anthony
Tracey Crisp as Miss Elder
Antonia Ellis as Rita La Rousse
Tracy Reed as Mrs Penney
Patrick Mower as James Vaile
Pauline Delaney as Sister Flanagan
Adrienne Posta as Maggie Hyde
Julia Foster as Marilyn
Sheila Steafel as Mrs Gold
Arthur English as Pub Comic
Angus MacKay as TV Producer
Rita Webb as Mrs Hedges
Charles Hodgson as TV Interviewer
Sue Lloyd as Bernice
Denise Coffey as Operator
Edward Malin as Elderly Patient
Margaretta Scott as Rita’s Mother
Graham Crowden as Alfred Spaulton
T.P. McKenna as Meet The People Compere
Tony Haygarth as Purdey
Ronnie Brody as Reporter
George Best as Himself
Penny Brahms as Football Fan
Dennis Chinnery as Newsreader
Harry Fielder as Customer
Reg Thomason as Doctor

Director: Ralph Thomas

UK | 103 minutes | 1971



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