Private’s Progress | 1956 | Ian Carmichael, Richard Attenborough

Private’s Progress | 1956 | Ian Carmichael, Richard Attenborough

Boulting Bros comedy the unexpected success of which started a whole rush of capers, including Brothers-in-Law and Lucky Jim. Ian Carmichael, playing the first in a series of dithering heroes, is a naive Oxford student who joins the army and finds it full of cheeky sorts like Richard Attenborough and nasty officers like Dennis Price. Terry-Thomas is the Major who runs the holding unit that Carmichael is assigned to, and, look, there’s Lee as a Nazi (what else?). Thomas’s famous description of his tender charges as ‘an absolute shower’ will be a line oft-quoted from this most classic of farces.

Ian Carmichael as Pte. Stanley Windrush
Richard Attenborough as Pvt. Percival Henry Cox
Terry-Thomas as Major Hitchcock
John Le Mesurier as Psychiatrist
William Hartnell as Sgt. Sutton
Dennis Price as Brig. Bertram Tracepurcel
Ian Bannen as Private Horrocks
Peter Jones as Arthur Egan
Christopher Lee as Major Schultz
Miles Malleson as Mr. Windrush Sr.
Jill Adams as Prudence Greenslade
Victor Maddern as Private George Blake
Kenneth Griffith as Private Dai Jones
George Coulouris as Padre
Marianne Stone as Miss Sugden

Director: John Boulting
Script: Alan Hackney, Frank Harvey, John Boulting

UK | 97 minutes | 1956



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