Quartet | 1948 | Dirk Bogarde, Honor Blackman

Quartet | 1948 | Dirk Bogarde, Honor Blackman

This is the kind of civilized, middle-class film story that gave our national cinema an undeserved bad name. Quartet is the fist of three enjoyable, though uneven, films derived from Maugham’s 100 short stories. Trio and Encore followed and each star-laden story was introduced by the wizened old boy, rather in the televisual manner of Raold Dahl in later years. The compendium film in Britain produced the masterly Dead of Night among others at Ealing, but these four stories, each with a twist, are neat little tales of which the first and the last are the best.

Dirk Bogarde as George Bland
Basil Radford as Henry Garnet
Naunton Wayne as Leslie
Mai Zetterling as Jeanne
Ian Fleming as Ralph
Jack Raine as Thomas
Cecil Parker as Colonel Peregrine
Hermione Baddeley as Beatrice Sunbury
Honor Blackman as Paula
Angela Baddeley as Mrs. Garnet
James Robertson Justice as Branksome
Jack Watling as Nicky
Raymond Lovell as Sir Frederick Bland
Irene Browne as Lady Bland
Françoise Rosay as Lea Makart
Maurice Denham as Coroner
James Hayter as Foreman of the Jury
Bernard Lee as Prison Visitor
Frederick Leister as Prison Governor
George Cole as Herbert Sunbury
Mervyn Johns as Samuel Sunbury
Susan Shaw as Betty Baker
Nora Swinburne as Mrs. Peregrine
Lyn Evans as Bannock
Claud Allister as 1st. Club Man
Wilfrid Hyde-White as 2nd. Club Man
Ernest Thesiger as Henry Dashwood
Henry Edwards as Duke of Heverel
Linden Travers as Daphne
Felix Aylmer as Martin
Clive Morton as Henry Blane
W. Somerset Maugham as Himself

Scenic Artist: Fred Mannin
Director: Ralph Smart, Arthur Crabtree, Ken Annakin, Harold French
Writer: R.C. Sherriff
Stories: W. Somerset Maugham

UK | 120 minutes | 1948



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