Quiet Wedding | 1941 | Margaret Lockwood, Derek Farr

Quiet Wedding | 1941 | Margaret Lockwood, Derek Farr

Quiet little comedy, in which Janet and Dallas (Margaret Lockwood and Derek Farr) just want to keep their nuptials nice and simple. They’re thwarted, of course, by the interfering ministrations of her mother (Marjorie Fielding) – which leads to the collapse of relations between the happy couple, an attempted kidnap and an encounter with the local constabulary. Anthony Asquith’s unremarkable film is chiefly notable for Terence Rattigan’s involvement with the script, and a character with the extraordinary name of Boofy Ponsonby.

Margaret Lockwood as Janet Royd
Derek Farr as Dallas Chaytor
Marjorie Fielding as Mildred Royd
Athene Seyler as Aunt Mary
Jean Cadell as Aunt Florence
Margaretta Scott as Marcia
David Tomlinson as John Royd
Peggy Ashcroft as Flower Lisle
Michael Shepley as Jim, Marcia’s Husband
Margaret Rutherford as Second Magistrate
Bernard Miles as PC
Martita Hunt as Mme. Mirelle
Sydney King as Denys Royd
Frank Cellier as William Frederick Davenport Chaytor
Roland Culver as Boofy Ponsonby
Muriel Pavlow as Miranda
Margaret Halstan as Lady Yeldham
A.E. Matthews as Arthur Royd
Roddy Hughes as Vicar
O.B. Clarence as Sir Robert McFarland, the First Magistrate
Wally Patch as Third Magistrate
Charles Carson as Mr. Johnson
Ivor Barnard as Bass
R. Brodis-Turner
Peter Bull as Tenor
Esma Cannon
Amy Dalby as Miss Dacres
Valentine Dunn
Michael Gainsborough as Boy
Muriel George as Bella, the Cook
Laurence Hanray as Mr. Williamson
Mike Johnson
Viola Lyel as Miss Briggs
Hay Petrie as Railway Porter
Mark Stone
Harry Terry as Court Police Officer
Terry-Thomas as Extra
Robert Brooks Turner as Cricket Umpire
Ian Wilson as Bookstall Customer

Director: Anthony Asquith

UK | 80 minutes | 1941



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