Robbery | 1967 | Stanley Baker, Joanna Pettet

Robbery | 1967 | Stanley Baker, Joanna Pettet

A humdrum thriller based on the Great Train Robbery of the Royal Mail in the early 1960s. The cast are all kitted out in sharp suits, speaking in dodgy dialogue and generally embodying the decade’s idea of ultra cool. However, apart from a thrilling car chase when the cops just happen to interrupt them transferring their swag from one vehicle to another, it’s not an exciting film. While Yates can direct action (which he does brilliantly – this was the calling card that got him to the US and the car-crazy Bullitt), he seems less sure on characters and narrative.

Stanley Baker as Paul Clifton
Joanna Pettet as Kate Clifton
James Booth as Inspector George Langdon
Frank Finlay as Robinson
Barry Foster as Frank
William Marlowe
George Sewell
Glynn Edwards
Clinton Greyn
Robert Powell
Mike Pratt
John Savident

Director: Peter Yates
Script: Edward Boyd, Peter Yates, George Markstein

UK | 110 minutes | 1967



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