Robin and Marian | 1976 | Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn

Robin and Marian | 1976 | Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn

This romantic and magical version of the Robin Hood legend departs radically from the traditional myth. Instead we meet an ageing Robin (Sean Connery), past his peak as a swashbuckling wealth re-distributor.

After several decades fighting the Crusades, battle-weary Robin and Little John (Nicol Williamson) return to England. Their old gang is still together, but Robin’s main concern is the whereabouts of his former love, Marian (Audrey Hepburn). After years waiting fruitlessly for his return, Marian retired to a nunnery and is now Mother Superior. She does not welcome his return but soon remembers her feelings.

There are some great comic moments, particularly when Robin and his men stir themselves once again to fight the nasty Sheriff of Nottingham and his crew. Hepburn is as luminous as ever but the best moments feature the horrible Sheriff, brilliantly brought to life by Robert Shaw. Look out, also, for Ronnie Barker as Friar Tuck, mad Richard Harris as an even madder King Richard and a great bit of menacing by Denholm Elliot as the effete, brutal King John.

Sean Connery as Robin Hood
Audrey Hepburn as Lady Marian
Robert Shaw as Sheriff of Nottingham
Richard Harris as Richard the Lionheart / King Richard
Nicol Williamson as Little John
Denholm Elliott as Will Scarlet
Ronnie Barker as Friar Tuck
Ian Holm as King John
Kenneth Haigh as Sir Ranulf
Bill Maynard as Mercadier
Esmond Knight as Old Defender
Veronica Quilligan as Sister Mary
Peter Butterworth as Surgeon
John Barrett as Jack
Kenneth Cranham as Jack’s Apprentice
Victoria Abril as Queen Isabella
Montserrat Julió as 1st Sister
Victoria Hernández Sanguino as 2nd Sister
Margarida Minguillón as Third Sister

Art Direction: Gil Parrondo
Production Design: Michael Stringer
Director Of Photography: David Watkin
Costume Design: Yvonne Blake
Makeup Artist: José Antonio Sánchez
Assistant Director: José López Rodero
Director: Richard Lester
Editor: John Victor-Smith
Production Supervisor: Barrie Melrose
Unit Manager: Juan Clemente Prosper
Production Manager: Apolinar Rabinal
Production Supervisor: Roberto Roberts
Unit Manager: Dusty Symonds
Executive Producers: Richard Shepherd, Ray Stark
Producer: Denis O’dell
Casting: Mary Selway
Original Music Composer: John Barry
Screenplay: James Goldman

UK, US | 106 minutes | 1976



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