Sanders of the River | 1935 | Paul Robeson, Leslie Banks,

Out of date now and patronizing at the time of its release, this has civil rights activist Paul Robeson in one of the lead roles. It’s an adventure yarn from a story by Edgar Wallace. Sanders (Leslie Banks) is a firm but fair British District Officer in Nigeria, fending off gun-runners and slavers, with a little help from a trusted native chief (Robeson). Robeson was apparently led to believe that the Africans would be portrayed sympathetically, and was understandably aggrieved at this depiction of dumb savages taught about law and order by imperialist Brits. He unsuccessfully campaigned against it when it got released.

Paul Robeson as Bosambo
Leslie Banks as Commissioner R.G. Sanders
Nina Mae McKinney as Lilongo
Robert Cochran as Lieutenant Tibbets (as Robert Cochrane)
Martin Walker as J. Ferguson

Director: Zoltan Korda
Script: Lajos Biró, Jeffrey Dell
Story: Edgar Wallace

UK | 98 minutes | 1935


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