Snowbound | 1948 | Dennis Price, Stanley Holloway

Snowbound | 1948 | Dennis Price, Stanley Holloway

Claustrophobic thriller, based on a novel by Hammond Innes, set in a lonely hut in the Alps where seven people, ostensibly on holiday, turn out to be searching for a cache of hidden Nazi gold.

Dennis Price as Neil Blair
Stanley Holloway as Joe Wesson
Marcel Dalio as Stefano Valdini
Guy Middleton as Gilbert Mayne
Herbert Lom as Von Kellerman, alias Keramikos
Robert Newton as Derek Engles
Willy Fueter as Aldo, innkeeper
Mila Parély as Carla Rometta, alias Comtessa Forelli
Zena Marshall as Italian Girl
Catherina Ferraz as Emilia
Richard Molinas as Mancini
Gilbert Davis as Commissionaire
Rossiter Shepherd as Lawyer
Massino Coen as Auctioneer
Lionel Grose as Corporal Holtz
William Price as Stelben
Harold Coyne as
Victor Harrington as Skier at Inn
Reg Thomason as
Joseph Tregonino as Hotel Guest at Auction

Art Direction: Maurice Carter
Still Photographer: Laurie Turner
Camera Operator: Jack Asher
Director Of Photography: Stephen Dade
Costume Design: Joan Ellacott
Sound Recordist: Bill Salter
Sound Recordist: Sydney Wiles
Special Effects: Philippo Guidobaldi
Director: David Macdonald
Editor: James Needs
Producer: Aubrey Baring
Music: Cedric Thorpe Davie
Writer: Keith Campbell
Writer: David Evans
Novel: Hammond Innes

UK | 85 minutes | 1948



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