Sweet William | 1980 | Sam Waterston, Jenny Agutter

This adaptation of a Beryl Bainbridge novel stars Jenny Agutter as the English girl learning a thing or two about love and sex the Scottish way from Sam Waterston. Alas, when she discovers that he is two-timing her, their precarious relationship takes a turn for the worse. Not nearly as hip or contemporary as it apparently imagines itself to be, Claude Whatham’s film suffers from a complete lack of chemistry between its two leads. Made a couple of years after punk had hit town, it must have seemed very old-fashioned even when it was first released.

Sam Waterston as William McClusky
Jenny Agutter as Ann Walton
Anna Massey as Edna McClusky
Arthur Lowe as Captain Walton
Geraldine James as Pamela
Daphne Oxenford as Mrs. Walton
Peter Dean as Mrs. Kershaw
Tim Pigott-Smith as Gerald
Emma Bakhle as Daisy Kershaw

Cinematography: Les Young
Director: Claude Whatham
Producer: Jeremy Watt
Screenplay: Beryl Bainbridge from her novel

UK | 92 minutes | 1980


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