Tag: Comedy

Georgy Girl | 1966 | James Mason, Lynn Redgrave

James Mason and Lynn Redgrave won Oscar nominations for their roles in this wild British comedy of sexual manners. Redgrave is Georgy, a frumpy dance teacher and 22-year-old virgin. Meredith (Charlotte Rampling) is Georgy’s roommate, a wild...

Hannibal Brooks | 1969 | Oliver Reed, Michael J. Pollard

Oliver Reed stars as a pacifist British prisoner of who gets a chance to escape from a German detention camp by taking an elephant to the Swiss border and over the Alps. Reed, more accustomed to playing roles of glowering menace, is cast against...

Carry On Up The Khyber

Carry On Up the Khyber | 1968 | Sid James, Roy Castle

A series of jokes based around the word Khasi, appalling racial stereotyping, bawdy sexism, Kenneth Williams looking like a wilted lettuce… classic Carry On Endlessly fascinating document of postcolonial anxiety, and probably the most semiotically...



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