Tag: Frederick Piper

The Blue Lamp | Rank 1950 | Dirk Bogarde, Jack Warner,

Introducing PC George Dixon (Jack Warner), charged with showing new boy Andy Mitchell (Jimmy Hanley) the ropes. There is helping old ladies and giving directions, until the film takes a darker turn when Dixon is killed in a raid on a cinema. The...

Oh, Mr. Porter! | 1937 | Will Hay, Moore Marriott

One person’s comedy may be another’s turn-off, but to those who cannot find joy in this comic masterpiece one can only extend condolences. This and at least four other Will Hay films come up fresh on every viewing, if only because of...

The October Man | 1947 | John Mills, Joan Greenwood

John Mills is the title character, a man with a history of mental illness who must prove he has not committed a murder. Easier said than done when he is not convinced of his innocence himself. Well written by Eric Ambler, who adapted the script from...



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