Tag: John Van Eyssen

The Criminal | 1960 | Stanley Baker, Sam Wanamaker

This exceptional British crime drama opens itself up to influences from other shores, to America for its attempt at noirish morality tale, and Europe to paint its hero as an existential loner. Stanley Baker is wonderfully intense in the lead role, a...

Blind Date | 1959 | Hardy Krüger, Stanley Baker,

A strangely unfulfilling mystery yarn from Losey, with Krueger as the painter who is framed for the murder of his girlfriend and has to prove his innocence when the cops come calling. One of those films that starts out well, opting wisely for...

Quatermass II | 1957 | Brian Donlevy, John Longden,

Rampant paranoia and corruption are the order of the day, as Professor Quatermass is ensnared in a sinister high-level alien conspiracy to take over the world. Classic sci-fi sequel from Hammer After the American head of the British space effort...



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