Tag: Mervyn Johns

Captain Boycott | 1947 | Stewart Granger, Kathleen Ryan

Fine performances from an ensemble cast, which includes Robert Donat in a cameo, enliven this basically humdrum historical drama. Inspired by the fight of Irish farmers against the wealthy landowners trying to kick them off their land, Captain...

Easy Money | 1948 | Jack Warner, Marjorie Fielding,

This portmanteau of stories is linked by following the fortunes of people who win a fortune on the football pools. Jack Warner, David Tomlinson, Dennis Price and Petula Clark star in the comedy-drama which reflects both the up – and downside...

Went the Day Well? | Ealing 1942 | Leslie Banks, Mervyn Johns

Patriotic World War II thriller based on a discomforting Graham Greene story that asks: what would happen if the Nazis took over a small English village? Went The Day Well? is first and foremost a propaganda piece, a morale boosting piece of German...



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