Tag: Miles Malleson

Thunder Rock | 1942 | Michael Redgrave, Barbara Mullen

The Boultings, who were taken out of army service by the MOI to film this propagandist play, give credit to Mutz Greenbaum for achieving the necessary effects on screen with the ghostly figures. The action takes place in a lighthouse (built at a...

Yellow Canary | 1943 | Anna Neagle, Richard Greene

When British aristocrat Sally Maitland’s (Anna Neagle) pro-Nazi sympathies become too much for her friends and family during WWII, she is forced to move to Canada. Underway, she strikes up shipboard flirtations with a Polish nobleman (Albert...

The First of the Few | 1942 | Leslie Howard, David Niven

Leslie Howard directed and starred in this slice of feelgood wartime propaganda made in 1942. The film charts the story of the design and development of the classic World War II fighter aircraft, the Supermarine Spitfire, with Howard essaying the...



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