Tag: Noel Purcell

The Millionairess | 1960 | Sophia Loren, Peter Sellers

Poor adaptation of the George Bernard Shaw play of the same name. The terrifyingly beautiful Sophia Loren is the woman of property looking for love and falling for a man in poverty. In spite of the fact that this film stars two of cinema’s...

The Running Man | 1963 | Laurence Harvey, Lee Remick,

Not one of Carol Reed’s better thrillers, but still done with consummate technical skill. It’s all about an insurance fraud. Laurence Harvey fakes his death in a plane crash at sea, and then makes his way to Malaga, where he’s...

Captain Boycott | 1947 | Stewart Granger, Kathleen Ryan

Fine performances from an ensemble cast, which includes Robert Donat in a cameo, enliven this basically humdrum historical drama. Inspired by the fight of Irish farmers against the wealthy landowners trying to kick them off their land, Captain...



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