Tag: Peter Sellers

The Millionairess | 1960 | Sophia Loren, Peter Sellers

Poor adaptation of the George Bernard Shaw play of the same name. The terrifyingly beautiful Sophia Loren is the woman of property looking for love and falling for a man in poverty. In spite of the fact that this film stars two of cinema’s...

Hoffman | 1970 | Peter Sellers, Sinéad Cusack

Hoffman put a fresh spin on the sexual revolution with its story about a middle-aged boss who blackmails his young secretary into spending a week alone with him. Its sharp observations on the theme of youth being wasted on the young struck a chord...

Lolita | 1962 | Peter Sellers, James Mason

The novel that remains an unquenchable controversy as adapted for the screen by its author, Nabokov. While the novel, though once banned, is accepted in most quarters as a masterpiece, this film version by Kubrick is hotly debated. A professor...



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