The Anniversary | Hammer 1968 | Bette Davis, Sheila Hancock

A widowed mother summons her three sons to celebrate her ruby wedding anniversary. The passive boys and their partners have to put up with a vitriolic diatribe from the monster that created them. Adapted from a play by Bill MacIlwraith, this is simply an excuse to let Bette Davis run with a script that requires her to do little more than deliver acerbic put-downs. Sheila Hancock gets a brief look in, as a girlfriend who rises to the bait, but this is Davis’ show, and she is not giving anyone the opportunity to steal it.

Bette Davis as Mrs. Taggart
Sheila Hancock as Karen Taggart
Jack Hedley as Terry Taggart
James Cossins as Henry Taggart
Christian Roberts as Tom Taggart
Elaine Taylor as Shirley Blair
Timothy Bateson as Mr. Bird
Sally-Jane Spencer as Florist
Arnold Diamond as Headwaiter

Director: Roy Ward Baker
Script: Jimmy Sangster

UK | Hammer | 95 minutes | 1968


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