The Assassination Bureau | 1969 | Oliver Reed, Diana Rigg

The Assassination Bureau | 1969 | Oliver Reed, Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg is a British journalist who infiltrates a secret society of assassins and ends up falling for its leader, played with great relish by Oliver Reed. Basil Dearden and the cast appear to be having a splendid time, swanning around Europe and camping it up in this macabre period comedy. But the plotting is not as tight as it might have been. Part of the problem is that it’s adapted from an unfinished novel by Jack London and nobody appears to have been brave enough to edit the master’s material. A cinematic curio, but also a delightful souvenir of the 60s.

production details
UK | 110 minutes | 1969

director: Basil Dearden
continuity: Susan Dyson
novel: Robert L. Fish, Jack London
writer: Michael Relph

Oliver Reed as Ivan Dragomiloff
Diana Rigg as Sonya Winter
Telly Savalas as Lord Bostwick
Curd Jürgens as General von Pinck
Philippe Noiret as Monsieur Lucoville
Warren Mitchell as Herr Weiss
Beryl Reid as Madame Otero
Clive Revill as Cesare Spado
Kenneth Griffith as Monsieur Popescu
Vernon Dobtcheff as Baron Muntzof
Annabella Incontrera as Eleanora Spado
Jess Conrad as Angelo
George Coulouris as Swiss Peasant
Ralph Michael as Editor
Katherine Kath as Mme. Lucoville
Eugene Deckers as ‘La Belle Amie’ desk clerk
Olaf Pooley as Swiss Cashier
George Murcell as Zeppelin pilot
Michael Wolf as Zeppelin officer
Gordon Sterne as Corporal
Peter Bowles as Jealous lover at ‘La Belle Amie’
William Kendall as M. Marivaux at ‘La Belle Amie’
Jeremy Lloyd as English Officer
Roger Delgado as Bureau Member
Maurice Browning as Bureau Member
Clive Cazes as Bureau Member
Milton Reid as Elevator victim Leonardi
Frank Thornton as Elevator victim
Nita Lorraine as ‘La Belle Amie’ Girl



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