The Bargee | 1964 | Harry H. Corbett, Hugh Griffith

British comedy, courtesy of Steptoe and Son screenwriters Ray Galton and Alan Simpson. Seriously miscast as a barge-dwelling Lothario, Harry H Corbett does his best to ditch the character for which he is best known (Harold Steptoe), with little success. The plot is slim, as Corbett drifts up and down the canals between London and Birmingham, playing Casanova with a new girl at every lock, until he is trapped into marriage with one of them. Despite a strong supporting cast that includes comedians Eric Sykes, Richard Briers and Ronnie Barker, the film flounders and eventually sinks like a stone.

Harry H. Corbett as Hemel Pike
Hugh Griffith as Joe Turnbull
Eric Sykes as The Mariner
Ronnie Barker as Ronnie
Julia Foster as Christine Turnbull
Miriam Karlin as Nellie Marsh
Eric Barker as Mr Parkes, the Foreman
Derek Nimmo as Dr. Scott

Director: Duncan Wood
Script: Ray Galton Alan Simpson

UK | 102 minutes | 1964


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