The Big Job | 1965 | Sid James, Sylvia Syms

The Big Job | 1965 | Sid James, Sylvia Syms

Comedy that has more than a touch of the Carry Ons about it, not least a cast that includes those comedy stalwarts Joan Sims and Jim Dale. Dick Emery, Lance Percival and Sid James are the trio of dimwit bank robbers who, after doing 15 years inside, are trying to pull off the biggest job of them all – retrieving their hidden dosh from a tree that is now standing in front of the local cop shop. Much effort is expended on trying to squeeze as many laughs as possible out of one joke. Sadly, the effort far outweighs the results.

Sid James as George Brain
Sylvia Syms as Myrtle Robbins
Dick Emery as Frederick ‘Booky’ Binns
Joan Sims as Mildred Gamely
Lance Percival as Timothy ‘Dipper’ Day
Jim Dale as Harold
Edina Ronay as Sally Gamely
Deryck Guyler as Police Sergeant
Reginald Beckwith as Register Office Official
Brian Rawlinson as Henry Blobbitt
David Horne as Judge
Frank Forsyth as Bank Cashier
Frank Thornton as Bank Official
Wanda Ventham as Dot Franklin
Michael Ward as Undertaker
Peter Jesson as Ernest
Michael Graham as Boy on Bench
Penelope Lee as Girl on Bench
Fred Griffiths as Dustman
Gertan Klauber as Milkman
Patrick Allen as Narrator
Billy Cornelius as Workman
George Hilsdon as Member of Police Choir
Reg Thomason as Member of Police Choir
Joe Wadham as Policeman

Director: Gerald Thomas
Story: John Antrobus
Writer: Talbot Rothwell

UK | 85 minutes | 1965



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