The Big Sleep | 1978 | Robert Mitchum, Sarah Miles

The Big Sleep | 1978 | Robert Mitchum, Sarah Miles

It’s heresy to suggest that a Michael Winner remake of a film starring Bogart and Bacall could be at least as good as the original but this is such a movie. Robert Mitchum is Raymond Chandler’s private eye Marlowe investigating the blackmail of a general’s daughter, only to discover that his client is involved with the local Mob, abduction and murder.

The alienation that American Marlowe feels as he investigates the wealthy is reinforced because Winner has shifted the action from California to the English Home Counties. However, Winner stays closer to the Chandler story than the earlier movie, and the result is a solid film noir that delivers a nasty little mystery.

Robert Mitchum as Philip Marlowe
Sarah Miles as Charlotte Sternwood
Candy Clark as Camilla Sternwood
Richard Boone as Lash Cansino
Joan Collins as Agnes Lazelle
John Mills as Inspektor Carson
Oliver Reed as Eddie Mars
James Stewart as General Sternwood
Edward Fox as Joe Brody
Harry Andrews as Norris
Colin Blakely as Harry Jones
Richard Todd as Commander Barker
Tom Laughlin as Lou
Diana Quick as Mona Grant

Writer and Director: Michael Winner
Novel: Raymond Chandler

UK | 100 minutes | 1978



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