The Brides of Dracula | Hammer 1960 | Peter Cushing, Yvonne Monlaur

The Brides of Dracula | Hammer 1960 | Peter Cushing, Yvonne Monlaur

Christopher Lee, triumphant in Dracula (1958) declined involvement in this movie, and the young and handsome Peel was seconded to the toothsome role as one of his disciples. He’s locked up and spoiled with nubile delicacies by his mother (Martita Hunt). When he manages to escape he heads for the nearby school for girls.

Terence Fisher directs with characteristic fluency, and the cast is splendid, not least Freda Jackson as the insane housekeeper who releases him and that most extravagant of actresses Hunt. A film that proved that Christopher Lee was not quite indispensable, although five years later he was back in the cape.

Peter Cushing as Dr. J. Van Helsing
Yvonne Monlaur as Marianne Danielle
David Peel as Baron Meinster
Martita Hunt as Baroness Meinster
Freda Jackson as Greta
Norman Pierce as Johann, Landlord
Vera Cook as Landlord’s Wife
Fred Johnson as The Cure, Father Stepnik
Henry Oscar as Herr Otto Lang
Mona Washbourne as Frau Helga Lang
Miles Malleson as Dr. Tobler
Andree Melly as Gina
Susan Castle as Elsa
Marie Devereux as Village Girl
Michael Ripper as Coachman
Michael Mulcaster as The Man in Black
Jill Haworth as Schoolgirl
Stephanie Watts as Foxy Girl
Harry Pringle as Karl
Harold Scott as Severin
Victor Brooks as Hans, a Villager
Walter Henry as Man in Tavern

Director: Terence Fisher
Script: Jimmy Sangster, Peter Bryan, Edward Percy

UK | Hammer | 85 minutes | 1960



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