The Criminal | 1960 | Stanley Baker, Sam Wanamaker

This exceptional British crime drama opens itself up to influences from other shores, to America for its attempt at noirish morality tale, and Europe to paint its hero as an existential loner. Stanley Baker is wonderfully intense in the lead role, a man in prison, harassed by Patrick Magee’s head warder, while crime boss Sam Wanamaker waits for him to come out in order to settle a score and nab his stashed loot. Baker is hung out to dry between crime and punishment, and two systems that feed off each other. Director Joseph Losey was reaching the most consistent period of his career, and the direction is brilliant and assured.

Stanley Baker as Johnny Bannion
Sam Wanamaker as Mike Carter
Grégoire Aslan as Frank Saffron
Margit Saad as Suzanne
Jill Bennett as Maggie
Rupert Davies as Edwards
Laurence Naismith as Mr. Town
John Van Eyssen as Formby
Noel Willman as Prison Governor
Derek Francis as Priest
Redmond Phillips as Prison Doctor
Kenneth J. Warren as Clobber
Patrick Magee as Barrows
Robert Adams as Judas
Kenneth Cope as Kelly
Murray Melvin as Antlers
Tom Bell as Flynn
Nigel Green as Ted
Neil McCarthy as O’Hara
Patrick Wymark as Sol
Jack Rodney as Scout
Brian Phelan as Pauly Larkin
John McLloy as Snipe
Paul Stassino as Alfredo Fanucci
Larry Taylor as Charles
Edward Judd as Young Warder
Tom Gerrard as Quantock
Keith Smith as Hanson
Charles Lamb as Mr Able
Dorothy Bromiley as Angela
Pauline Chamberlain as Woman at Release Party (uncredited)
Denis Shaw as Taxi Customer at Racetrack (uncredited)

Art Direction: Scott Macgregor
Director Of Photography: Robert Krasker
Director: Joseph Losey
Editor: Reginald Mills
Producer: Jack Greenwood
Original Music Composer: John Dankworth
Sound Editor: Derek Holding
Sound Recordist: Sidney Rider
Sound Recordist: Ronald Abbott
Screenplay: Alun Owen

UK | 97 minutes | 1960


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