The First Great Train Robbery | 1978 | Sean Connery Donald Sutherland

The First Great Train Robbery | 1978 | Sean Connery Donald Sutherland

Michael Crichton’s adaptation of his own novel is only sporadically successful. Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland are the pair of 19th-century crooks determined to relieve a train of its precious gold cargo. While the preparations and heist are fun to watch, Crichton struggles to make his period drama convincing and occasionally plays for laughs when closer attention to the drama may have served him better. Amiable enough, but as heist films go this is well below average.

Sean Connery as Edward Pierce
Donald Sutherland as Robert Agar
Lesley-Anne Down as Miriam
Alan Webb as Edgar Trent
Malcolm Terris as Fowler
Robert Lang as Sharp
Michael Elphick as Burgess
Wayne Sleep as Clean Willy
Pamela Salem as Emily Trent
Gabrielle Lloyd as Elizabeth Trent
George Downing as Barlow
James Cossins as Harranby
Peter Benson as Station Despatcher
John Bett as McPherson
Janine Duvitski as Maggie
Noel Johnson as Connaught
Peter Butterworth as Putnam
Patrick Barr as Burke
Hubert Rees as Lewis
André Morell as Judge
Brian de Salvo as Trent’s Butler
Donald Churchill as Prosecutor
Brian Glover as Captain Jimmy
Joe Cahill as Rail Guard
Cecil Nash as Chaplain
Agnes Bernelle as Woman on Platform
Frank McDonald as PC London Bridge Station
Susan Hallinan as Emma Barnes
Oliver Smith as Ratting Assistant
John Altman as 1st Pickpocket
Paul Kember as 2nd Pickpocket
Geoff Ferris as 3rd Pickpocket
Jenny Till as Woman on Strand
Craig Stokes as Urchin on Strand

Writer and Director: Michael Crichton

UK | 110 minutes | 1978



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