The Ghost of St. Michael’s | Ealing 1941 | Will Hay, Claude Hulbert

The Ghost of St. Michael’s | Ealing 1941 | Will Hay, Claude Hulbert

No Moore Marriott or Graham Moffatt, but once you’re over the disappointment of their replacement by Claude Hulbert’s daft-as-a-brush sidekick, Marcel Varnel’s movie soon emerges as fine and familiar material. Will Hay – who specialized in seedy, fraudulent officials and public servants – is back under a mortar board as an incompetent teacher posted to a public school whose pupils have been evacuated to a remote Scottish castle. A phantom piper – whose murderous legend is recounted with rolling-eyed fervour by John Laurie’s caretaker – is stalking the ramparts. Might matron be in league with the Nazis? Hay bluffs and splutters and waffles his way to a satisfactory solution.

Will Hay as Will Lamb
Claude Hulbert as Hilary Tisdaile
Felix Aylmer as Dr Winter
Raymond Huntley as Mr Humphries
Charles Mortimer as Sir Ambrose
Charles Hawtrey as Percy Thorne
John Laurie as Jamie
Manning Whiley as Stock
Roddy Hughes as Amberley
Derek Blomfield as Sunshine
Clive Baxter as Ritzy
Hay Petrie as Procurator Fiscal
David Keir as Dr. Ritchie
Brefni O’Rorke as Sergt. Macfarlan
Derek Aylward as Extra
Gerald Campion as Pupil at Rear of Class
Laurence Hanray as Clerk of Court
Bryan Herbert as Bus Driver
Jack May as Man in Courtroom
Ben Williams as Court Policeman
Elliott Mason as Mrs.Wigmore

Director: Marcel Varnel

UK | Ealing | 82 minutes | 1941



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