The Goose Steps Out | Ealing 1942 | Will Hay, Frank Pettingell

The Goose Steps Out | Ealing 1942 | Will Hay, Frank Pettingell

The beloved British comic Will Hay’s most familiar characterization was of a schoolmaster scarcely more informed than his unruly pupils. In this amusing wartime propaganda piece, Hay plays said failed schoolteacher, this time parachuted into Germany to impersonate a German agent whom he resembles.

There he teaches a school of spies (including Peter Ustinov and Charles Hawtrey) to use the V for Victory sign instead of the Nazi salute, before escaping with a secret weapon. Hay’s penultimate film, this is rather more dated than his others and is sorely missing his usual sidekicks, ‘Fat Boy’ Graham Moffatt and toothless old codger Moore Marriott.

Will Hay as William Potts / Muller
Frank Pettingell as Professor Hoffman
Julien Mitchell as General Von Glotz
Charles Hawtrey as Max
Barry Morse as Kurt
Peter Ustinov as Krauss
Peter Croft as Hans

Art Direction: Thomas N. Morahan
Director Of Photography: Ernest Palmer
Special Effects: Roy Kellino
Directors: Basil Dearden, Will Hay
Editor: Ray Pitt
Producer: Michael Balcon
Production Supervisor: John Croydon
Music: Bretton Byrd
Sound Recordist: Len Page
Screenplay: Angus Macphail, John Dighton
Idea: Bernard Miles, Reg Groves

UK | Ealing | 79 minutes | 1942



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