The Green Man | 1956 | Alastair Sim, George Cole

The Green Man | 1956 | Alastair Sim, George Cole

Sparkling black comedy starring Alastair Sim as an assassin whose plot to murder a politician becomes more complicated than expected when a travelling vacuum cleaner salesman (George Cole) uncovers his plans.

Alastair Sim as Hawkins
George Cole as William Blake
Terry-Thomas as Charles Boughtflower
Jill Adams as Ann Vincent
Raymond Huntley as Sir Gregory Upshott
Colin Gordon as Reginald Willoughby-Cruft
Avril Angers as Marigold
Eileen Moore as Joan Wood
Dora Bryan as Lily
John Chandos as McKechnie
Cyril Chamberlain as Sergeant Bassett
Richard Wattis as Doctor
Vivien Wood as Leader of Trio
Marie Burke as Felicity
Lucy Griffiths as Annabel
Arthur Brough as Landlord
Arthur Lowe as Radio Salesman
Alexander Gauge as Chairman
Peter Bull as General Niva
Willoughby Goddard as Statesman
Michael Ripper as Waiter
Leslie Weston as Porter
Doris Yorke as Mrs. Bostock

Director: Robert Day
Script: Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder

UK | 80 minutes | 1956



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