The Guinea Pig | 1948 | Richard Attenborough, Sheila Sim

Riveting drama starring a 28 year old Richard Attenborough as a working class schoolboy who is sent as an educational experiment as a pupil to a public school.

Richard Attenborough as Jack Read
Sheila Sim as Lynne Hartley
Bernard Miles as Mr. Read
Cecil Trouncer as Lloyd Hartley
Joan Hickson as Mrs. Read
Edith Sharpe as Mrs. Hartley
Robert Flemyng as Nigel Lorraine
John Forrest as Fitch
Herbert Lomas as Sir James Corfield
Brenda Hogan as Lorna Beckett
Wally Patch as Uncle Percy
Olive Sloane as Aunt Mabel
Hay Petrie as Peck
Timothy Bateson as Tracey
Kynaston Reeves as The Bishop
Anthony Nicholls as Mr. Stringer
Clive Baxter as Gregory
Basil Cunard as Buckton
Maureen Glynne as Bessie
Anthony Newley as Miles Minor
Oscar Quitak as David Tracey
Peter Reynolds as Grimmett
Tony Wager as Bert
Percy Walsh as Alec Stevens
Norman Watson as Fanshaw
Ray Cooney
Ambrose Day
Robert Desmond
Edward Judd
James Kenney
Michael McKeag
Jack McNaughton
Desmond Newling
Digby Wolfe

Director: Roy Boulting

UK | 97 minutes | 1948


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