The Heart of the Matter | 1953 | Trevor Howard, Elizabeth Allan

The Heart of the Matter | 1953 | Trevor Howard, Elizabeth Allan

An interesting Graham Greene adaptation starring Trevor Howard as the Catholic police commissioner stationed in Sierra Leone. When his wife returns from a long trip abroad, he finds himself being blackmailed for an unwise affair he conducted with Maria Schell. He soon begins to look for a not entirely Christian way to get out of trouble. While there is a suspicion that the source material has been a little too liberally adapted, the dilemmas of the protagonist ring true enough to make for an interesting film. The colonial Africa setting adds an authentic touch.

Trevor Howard as Harry Scobie
Elizabeth Allan as Louise Scobie
Denholm Elliott as Wilson
Peter Finch as Father Rank
Maria Schell as Helen Rolt
Gérard Oury as Yusef
George Coulouris as Portuguese Captain
Michael Hordern as Commissioner

Script: Ian Dalrymple
Novel: Graham Greene
Adaptation: Lesley Storm
Director: George More O’ferrall
Producer: Ian Dalrymple

UK | 105 minutes | 1953



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