The Honorary Consul | 1983 | Richard Gere, Michael Caine

John MacKenzie and Christopher Hampton have turned Graham Greene’s novel into a straight-up thriller about sex and politics, barely nodding at the book’s socio-religious subtext. Richard Gere plays an English doctor in Argentina who gets involved with British consul Michael Caine’s wife (Elpidia Carrillo) and a revolutionary plot to kidnap the US ambassador. His life is complicated further when the rebels capture Caine by mistake. Lifeless and predictable (even down to Gere’s near-compulsory ass flash) except for Caine’s memorable performance as the diplomatic lush. Having made his name in MacKenzie’s The Long Good Friday, Bob Hoskins lends typically excellent support as a police chief.

Richard Gere as Dr. Eduardo Plarr
Bob Hoskins as Colonel Perez
Elpidia Carrillo as Clara
Joaquim de Almeida as Leon
A Martinez as Aquino
Michael Caine as Charley Fortnum

Director: John Mackenzie
Script: Christopher Hampton, Graham Greene

UK | 104 minutes | 1983


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