The League of Gentlemen | 1960 | Jack Hawkins, Nigel Patrick

The League of Gentlemen | 1960 | Jack Hawkins, Nigel Patrick

The clue is in the title: gentlemen, would-be thieves who are no ordinary crooks but officers and either their equals or their lackeys. Lt Col Hyde is the mastermind and is decidedly narked by being forced out of the military. He recruits seven dodgy, equally dissatisfied colleagues to execute a bank robbery with military precision. As we know, the best-laid plans… But the enjoyment here is in the plan, the training and the heist, carried out by a stereotypical cross-section of humanity. The story, wittily adapted and briskly directed, is played out by the cast with total conviction.

Jack Hawkins as Hyde
Nigel Patrick as Race
Roger Livesey as Mycroft
Richard Attenborough as Lexy
Bryan Forbes as Porthill
Kieron Moore as Stevens
Terence Alexander as Rupert
Norman Bird as Weaver
Robert Coote as Bunny Warren
Melissa Stribling as Peggy
Nanette Newman as Elizabeth
Lydia Sherwood as Hilda
Doris Hare as Molly Weaver
David Lodge as C.S.M.
Patrick Wymark as Wylie
Gerald Harper as Captain Saunders
Brian Murray as Grogan

Director: Basil Dearden
Script: Bryan Forbes, John Boland

UK | 116 minutes | 1960



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