The Long Arm | 1956 | Jack Hawkins, John Stratton

The Long Arm | 1956 | Jack Hawkins, John Stratton

Jack Hawkins is the overworked Supt. Tom Halliday, a met police officer who can’t seem to get an hour of peace with his wife, nor can he track down the safe-cracker who’s been making his professional life a misery. There’s an air of weary realism about Frend’s workmanlike picture, and an emphasis on bureaucracy and procedure – themes that would later be taken up in TV police series like Z-Cars, with which this has much in common. (Oddly enough, it also has Stratford Johns, Z-Cars’ Inspector Barlow, in a bit-part as a young constable). The climax at the Royal Festival Hall is neatly executed.

Jack Hawkins as Supt Tom Halliday
John Stratton as Sergeant Ward
Dorothy Alison as Mary Halliday
Michael Brooke as Tony Halliday
Glyn Houston as Police Sergeant
Sam Kydd as Police Operator
Ursula Howells
Richard Leech
Geoffrey Keen
Meredith Edwards

Director: Charles Frend

UK | 96 minutes | 1956



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