The Man in Grey | 1943 | Margaret Lockwood, Phyllis Calvert

The Man in Grey | 1943 | Margaret Lockwood, Phyllis Calvert

James Mason attributed his success as the sadistic 18th-century aristocrat Lord Rohan in this melodrama to ‘sheer bad temper’ at the aggravation during shooting. The film made him a superstar and embarked Gainsborough Studios on a successful run of costume dramas. The story is told in flashback and recalls the loveless marriage of Rohan and Clarissa (Phyllis Calvert). She takes a friend (Margaret Lockwood) into their home as a governess, only to be betrayed and eventually driven to her death. This was heady stuff and director Leslie Arliss, a writer and B-picture director went on to even bigger success with The Wicked Lady.

Margaret Lockwood as Hesther Shaw
Phyllis Calvert as Clarissa Marr
James Mason as Lord Rohan
Stewart Granger as Peter Rokeby
Harry Scott as Toby
Martita Hunt as Miss Patchett
Helen Haye as Lady Rohan
Beatrice Varley as Gipsy
Raymond Lovell as The Prince Regent
Nora Swinburne as Mrs. Fitzherbert

Director: Leslie Arliss
Script: Leslie Arliss, Eleanor Smith, Doreen Montgomery, Margaret Kennedy

UK | 116 minutes | 1943



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