The Man Who Could Work Miracles | 1936 | Roland Young, Ralph Richardson

The Man Who Could Work Miracles | 1936 | Roland Young, Ralph Richardson

George McWhirter Fotheringay (Roland Young) is a timid department-store clerk who is given the power to do anything he wants in a divine experiment. Adapted by H. G. Wells from his novel, and containing some wonderful period special effects, this is a charming and playful piece of science-fiction fantasy. With some wooden acting around him, Young manages a performance that is endearing, a man torn between his selfish desires and a wish to make the world a better place. It has dated, to be sure, but that merely adds to its appeal.

Roland Young as George McWhirter Fotheringay
Ralph Richardson as Colonel Winstanley
Edward Chapman as Major Grigsby
Ernest Thesiger as Maydig
Joan Gardner as Ada Price
Sophie Stewart as Maggie Hooper
Robert Cochran as Bill Stoker
Lady Tree as Grigsby’s Housekeeper
Laurence Hanray as Mr. Bamfylde
George Zucco as The Colonel’s Butler
Wallace Lupino as Constable Winch
Joan Hickson as Effie
Wally Patch as Supt. Smithnells
Mark Daly as Toddy Beamish
George Sanders as Indifference – a God

Director Of Photography: Harold Rosson
Costume Design: John Armstrong
Special Effects: Lawrence W. Butler, Edward Cohen, Harry Zech
Director: Lothar Mendes
Editor: Philip Charlot
Producer: Alexander Korda
Original Music Composer: Mischa Spoliansky
Special Effects Supervisor: Ned Mann
Writers: H.G. Wells, Lajos Biró

UK | 82 minutes | 1936



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