The Millionairess | 1960 | Sophia Loren, Peter Sellers

The Millionairess | 1960 | Sophia Loren, Peter Sellers

Poor adaptation of the George Bernard Shaw play of the same name. The terrifyingly beautiful Sophia Loren is the woman of property looking for love and falling for a man in poverty.

In spite of the fact that this film stars two of cinema’s most enduring legends, it doesn’t work: in fact, it’s almost boring.

Peter Sellers is the Indian doctor running a clinic for the underprivileged who – upon meeting the ultra-rich manhunter Loren – is understandably wary of her money. Regrettably scriptwriter Wolf Mankowitz toned down most of Shaw’s humour, instead constructing an episodic and bland environment for the collection of stars haphazardly thrown together by director Asquith.

Of course, Sellers is always worth watching, and Loren is suitably glamorous, though inept at conveying her character’s inner emotions beyond melodrama and farce.

Sophia Loren as Epifania Parerga
Peter Sellers as Dr. Kabir
Vittorio De Sica as Joe
Alastair Sim as Sagamore
Dennis Price as Adrian
Gary Raymond as Alastair
Miriam Karlin as Mrs. Joe
Noel Purcell as Professor Merton
Virginia Vernon as Polly Smith
Eleanor Summerfield as Mrs. Willoughby
Pauline Jameson as Muriel Pilkington
Alfie Bass as Fish Curer
Graham Stark as Butler
Diana Coupland as Nurse
Willoughby Goddard as President
Basil Hoskins as First Secretary
Gordon Sterne as Second Secretary
Tempe Adam as Gloria
Wally Patch as Whelk Seller
Charles Hill as Corelli
Derek Nimmo as 3rd Secretary (uncredited)

Art Direction: Harry White
Production Design: Paul Sheriff
Set Dresser: Pamela Cornell
Director Of Photography: Jack Hildyard
Costume Design: Pierre Balmain
Director: Anthony Asquith
Editor: Anthony Harvey
Producer: Pierre Rouve
Executive Producer: Dimitri De Grunwald
Original Music Composer: Georges Van Parys
Play: George Bernard Shaw
Screenplay: Riccardo Aragno, Wolf Mankowitz

UK | 89 minutes | 1960



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