The Mouse on the Moon | 1963 | Margaret Rutherford, Ron Moody

The Mouse on the Moon | 1963 | Margaret Rutherford, Ron Moody

This was Richard Lester’s second film, made just before his Beatles breakthrough, and a rather frantic affair it is, too. It followed on from The Mouse That Roared (directed by another American, Jack Arnold), but Peter Sellers had departed. The main compensation here is Margaret Rutherford doing her considerable best as Queen Gloriana. She’s the figurehead of the tiny Duchy of Fenwick, with a prime minister (Ron Moody) setting up against the super powers in the space race. When they find that the local wine makes perfect rocket fuel, they’re off to a flying start.

Margaret Rutherford as Grand Duchess Gloriana XIII
Ron Moody as Prime Minister Rupert Mountjoy
Bernard Cribbins as Vincent Mountjoy
David Kossoff as Professor Kokintz
June Ritchie as Cynthia
Terry-Thomas as Maurice Spender

Director: Richard Lester
Script: Leonard Wibberley, Michael Pertwee

UK | 82 minutes | 1963



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