The Naked Truth | 1957 | Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers

The Naked Truth | 1957 | Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers

The Ealing comedy tradition died out in the mid-1950s, but here Michael Pertwee’s screenplay and a superb cast ensured that the memory lingered on. Dennis Price suavely plays a blackmailing journalist who offers to sell a group of victims his stories about their dubious private lives before publication. Unable to afford his demands, each plans to murder him. When they fail, matters escalate into genuine farce and an airy conclusion in a giant airship. Mario Zampi directs competently, but it’s the playing that elevates the film, notably Peter Sellers as a TV celebrity and Terry-Thomas as a buffoon aristocrat. The whole cast are a delight.

Terry-Thomas as Lord Henry Mayley
Peter Sellers as Sonny MacGregor
Peggy Mount as Flora Ransom
Shirley Eaton as Melissa Right
Dennis Price as Nigel Dennis
Georgina Cookson as Lady Lucy Mayley
Joan Sims as Ethel Ransom

Director: Mario Zampi
Script: Michael Pertwee

UK | 91 minutes | 1957



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