The October Man | 1947 | John Mills, Joan Greenwood

The October Man | 1947 | John Mills, Joan Greenwood

John Mills is the title character, a man with a history of mental illness who must prove he has not committed a murder. Easier said than done when he is not convinced of his innocence himself. Well written by Eric Ambler, who adapted the script from his own novel, and Roy Ward Baker’s direction is suitably moody – more impressive when you learn it was his debut. The amnesia theme is hardly the most original, though, and Mills fails to give the role much depth or sympathy. Joan Greenwood is much more striking as the woman who believes in him.

John Mills as Jim Ackland
Juliet Mills as Child
Joan Greenwood as Jenny Carden
Edward Chapman as Mr. Peachy
Kay Walsh as Molly Newman
Joyce Carey as Mrs. Vinton
Catherine Lacey as Miss Selby
Adrianne Allen as Joyce Carden
Felix Aylmer as Dr. Martin
Frederick Piper as Det. Insp. Godby
John Boxer as Det. Sgt. Troth
Patrick Holt as Harry Carden
George Benson as Mr. Pope
Jack Melford as Wilcox
Esme Beringer as Miss Heap
Ann Wilton as Miss Parsons
James Hayter as Garage Man
Frank Ling as Booking Office Clerk
George Woodbridge as Grey
Philip Ray as Stebbins
Edward Underdown as Passport Official
John Salew as Ticket Inspector

Director: Roy Ward Baker
Executive Producer: Herbert Smith
Novel: Eric Ambler
Screenplay: Eric Ambler

UK | 95 minutes | 1947



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