The Optimists of Nine Elms | 1973 | Peter Sellers, Donna Mullane

The Optimists of Nine Elms | 1973 | Peter Sellers, Donna Mullane

Amusing comedy drama that benefits from both Peter Sellers’s quietly understated, tragi-comedic performance and the musical contributions of Lionel Bart and The Beatles’ producer George Martin. Sellers stars as the former music-hall sensation turned street performer who gives new purpose to the lives of a pair of homeless kids for whom every day presents a fresh struggle. Fun, life-affirming cinema.

Peter Sellers as Sam
Donna Mullane as Liz
John Chaffey as Mark
Marjorie Yates as Chrissie Ellis
David Daker as Bob Ellis
Katyana Kass as Baby Ellis
Patricia Brake as Dog’s Home Secretary
Don Crown as Busker
Bruce Purchase as Policeman
Michael Graham Cox as Park Keeper
Bernie Searle as Dustman
Tommy Wright as Dustman
Pat Beckett as Laundry Lady
Daphne Lawson as Laundry Lady
Candyce Jane Brandl as Laundry Lady
Hilary Crane as Schoolteacher
Pat Ashton as Woman at Nursery
Keith Chegwin as Georgie (uncredited)
Hilary Pritchard as Laundry Lady (uncredited)

Director: Anthony Simmons
Script: Tudor Gates Anthony Simmons

UK | 110 minutes | 1973



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