The Passionate Friends | 1949 | Claude Rains, Trevor Howard

The Passionate Friends | 1949 | Claude Rains, Trevor Howard

In this adaptation of H. G. Wells’s novel, Ann Todd plays a young woman who rejects suitor Steve (Trevor Howard) in order to marry a wealthy banker. Years later she meets Steve again and finds she still has feelings for him. Also known as One Woman’s Story. The movie was retitled One Woman’s Story in the United States because the American Production Code forbade the use of the word "passionate" on a theater marquee.

production details
UK | 90 minutes | 1949

Assistant Art Director: T. Hopewell Ash
Set Designer: John Bryan
Director Of Photography: Guy Green
Camera Operator: Oswald Morris
Costume Design: Margaret Furse
Hairstylist: Biddy Chrystal
Director: David Lean
Assistant Director: George Pollock
Continuity: Maggie Unsworth
Editors: Geoffrey Foot, Clive Donner, Jack Harris
Producers: Ronald Neame, Eric Ambler
Associate Producer: Norman Spencer
Original Music Composer: Richard Addinsell
Sound Editor: Winston Ryder
Sound Recordists: Stanley Lambourne, Gordon K. Mccallum
Conductor: Muir Mathieson
Novel: H.G. Wells
Adaptation: David Lean
Adaptation: Stanley Haynes
Screenplay: Eric Ambler

Ann Todd as Mary Justin
Claude Rains as Howard Justin
Trevor Howard as Prof. Steven Stratton
Betty Ann Davies as Joan Layton
Isabel Dean as Pat Stratton
Wilfrid Hyde-White as Lawyer
Arthur Howard as Smith – the Butler
Guido Lorraine as Hotel Manager
Marcel Poncin as Hall Porter
Natasha Sokolova as Chambermaid
Hélène Burls as Flowerwoman
John Serret as Emigration Official
Frances Waring as Charwoman
Wenda Rogerson as Bridge Guest
Helen Piers as 1st Woman – Albert Hall
Ina Pelly as 2nd Woman – Albert Hall



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