The Pure Hell of St. Trinian’s | 1960 | Cecil Parker, George Cole

The third of four St Trinian’s comedies by Launder and Gilliat (the former made Wildcats of St Trinian’s on his own in 1980). Although Alastair Sim had left after the second film, his loss was compensated for by Parker, another great actor who played the dubious headmaster to perfection. He’s the principal at a school which offers the teachers and girls of St Trinian’s sanctuary after the pupils have burned down their own building. The rest of the superb cast of character and comedy actors give the proceedings a lift to make it the second best of the five.

Cecil Parker as Professor Canford
George Cole as ‘Flash’ Harry Cuthbert Edwards
Joyce Grenfell as Sergeant Ruby Gates
Eric Barker as Culpepper-Brown
Thorley Walters as Butters
Irene Handl as Miss Harker-Parker
Dennis Price as Gore Blackwood
Sid James as Alphonse O’Reilly
Julie Alexander as Rosalie Dawn
Lloyd Lamble as Superintendent Samuel Kemp-Bird
Raymond Huntley as Judge
Nicholas Phipps as Major
Lisa Lee as Miss Brenner
John Le Mesurier as Minister of Education
George Benson as Defence Counsel
Elwyn Brook-Jones as Emir
Cyril Chamberlain as Army Captain
Michael Ripper as Liftman
Mark Dignam as Prosecuting Counsel
Monte Landis as Octavius
Warren Mitchell as Tailor
Clive Morton as V.I.P.
Wensley Pithey as Chief Constable
Bill Shine as Usher
Edina Ronay as Lavinia (uncredited)
Erica Rogers as Bobbie (uncredited)

Director: Frank Launder
Script: Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder, Val Valentine

UK | 94 minutes | 1960


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