The Running Man | 1963 | Laurence Harvey, Lee Remick,

The Running Man | 1963 | Laurence Harvey, Lee Remick,

Not one of Carol Reed’s better thrillers, but still done with consummate technical skill. It’s all about an insurance fraud. Laurence Harvey fakes his death in a plane crash at sea, and then makes his way to Malaga, where he’s later joined by his wife Lee Remick. Their life of happiness is not to be, though. Alan Bates is an insurance investigator who also turns up in Spain, and the guilty couple are left to wonder constantly whether Bates is just on holiday or if he really knows something. The performances are unremarkable and the script lacks bite, but it has a nicely ironic ending.

Laurence Harvey as Rex Black
Lee Remick as Stella Black
Alan Bates as Stephen
Felix Aylmer as Parson
Eleanor Summerfield as Hilda Tanner
Allan Cuthbertson as Jenkins
Harold Goldblatt as Tom Webster
Noel Purcell as Miles Bleeker
Ramsay Ames as Madge Penderby
Fernando Rey as Police Official
Juanjo Menéndez as Roberto (as Juan Jose Menendez)

Art Direction: John Stoll
Director Of Photography: Robert Krasker
Producer And Director: Carol Reed
Editor: Bert Bates
Associate Producer: John R. Sloan
Original Music Composer: William Alwyn
Screenplay: John Mortimer
Novel: Shelley Smith

UK | 103 minutes | 1963



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