The Saint In London | 1939 | George Sanders, Sally Gray

The Saint In London | 1939 | George Sanders, Sally Gray

George Sanders slips into Simon Templar guise for a second time, to track down a gang of counterfeiters who have swindled a European count out of a million-pound stack of cash. The plot thickens when he uncovers a foreign-currency laundering scheme, assisted by a motley crew including reluctant Scotland Yard assistant Inspector Teal (Gordon McLeod), who doesn’t fully trust our hero’s motives, and the scatty, infatuated party girl Penny (Gray). Filmed entirely on location in the capital, this is a solid B-picture, which never tries to be anything other than franchise-boosting escapist fluff, and on that level it works.

Despite being classed as a B-picture for RKO, the studio took advantage of UK tax laws to film on location in the UK and utilise a mainly British cast. In an interesting bit of trivia director John Paddy Carstairs would also work on Roger Moore’s The Saint series in the 1960’s.

George Sanders as Simon Templar / The Saint
Sally Gray as Penelope ‘Penny’ Parker
David Burns as Dugan – Templar’s Valet
Gordon McLeod as Inspector Claud Teal
Athene Seyler as Mother Buckley
Henry Oscar as Bruno Lang
John Abbott as Count Stephen Duni
Ralph Truman as Kussella
Charles Carson as John Morgan – Penny’s Uncle
Carl Jaffe as Stengler – Embasy Official
Norah Howard as Mrs. Edith Morgan
Ballard Berkeley as Sir Richard Blake of MI5
Charles Paton as Tobacco Shop Proprietor
Hugh McDermott as Tim – Kussella’s Chauffeur
Charles Oliver as Dr. Jim – Templar’s Friend
Ben Williams as Detective Wilkins – Teal’s Assistant

Director: John Paddy Carstairs
Script: Leslie Charteris Lynn Root Frank Fenton

US | 72 minutes | 1939



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