The Squeeze | 1977 | Stacy Keach, Carol White

The Squeeze | 1977 | Stacy Keach, Carol White

A terrifically seamy crime thriller from British director Apted. Stacy Keach is the alcoholic ex-policeman whose search for the kidnapped wife and child of a security chief (Edward Fox) forces him to rouse himself from his permanently drunken stupor. Meanwhile, an unexpected plot twist lends further edge to proceedings. Stacy Keach is excellent as the beleaguered cop, while the grimy London settings lend further atmosphere. There is also a surprisingly excellent and mostly straight performance from comedian Freddie Starr as Keach’s best friend.

Stacy Keach as Jim Naboth
David Hemblen as Keith
Stephen Boyd as Vic
Edward Fox as Foreman
David Hemmings as Keith
Carol White as Jill

Director: Michael Apted
Script: Leon Griffiths, James Tucker

UK | 104 minutes | 1977



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