The Stud | 1978 | Joan Collins, Oliver Tobias

The Stud | 1978 | Joan Collins, Oliver Tobias

With a script by Jackie Collins and a starring role for her sister Joan, this late 70s British sex offering is as trashy as you’d expect, but about as steamy as a Carry On film. Oliver Tobias is the titular totty, a shaggy-haired lothario called Tony whose job as the manager of a swanky discotheque is contingent on his ability to satisfy his nymphomaniac boss, the improbably named Fontaine Khaled (Collins), the bored wife of a wealthy businessman.

Trouble soon comes in the form of Fontaine’s nubile young stepdaughter, whose virginal charms grab Tony’s attention. Not being very intelligent he confuses her flirtatious behaviour with love, when really she’s playing a manipulative game to get back at Fontaine for cheating on her father.

Though the film features Collins having sex in a lift, as well as a champagne-soaked swimming pool orgy in which she swings naked on a trapeze while wrinkly toffs indulge in experimental sex, the most outrageous thing about The Stud is its cheesy 70s backdrop. Credit should perhaps be given to Collins for her unabashed performance – she was already in her 40s by this stage.

Joan Collins as Fontaine Khaled
Sue Lloyd as Vanessa Grant
Walter Gotell as Ben Khaled
Oliver Tobias as Tony Blake
Mark Burns as Leonard
Doug Fisher as Sammy
Tony Allyn as Hal
Peter Lukas as Ian Thane
Natalie Ogle as Maddy
Constantine Gregory as Lord Newton (as Constantin de Goguel)
Merlyn Ward as Peter (as Guy Ward)
Sarah Lawson as Anne Khaled

Director: Quentin Masters
Script: Jackie Collins

UK | 95 minutes | 1978



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