The Valley of Gwangi | 1969 | James Franciscus, Gila Golan,

The Valley of Gwangi | 1969 | James Franciscus, Gila Golan,

Working from an unfilmed treatment by the veteran special-effects master O’Brien, stop-motion animator extraordinaire Ray Harryhausen brought this fanciful fantasy western to the screen. Franciscus plays a cowpoke hired to capture a living allosaurus from a hidden valley in Mexico to star in a travelling rodeo. Needless to say, Harryhausen’s prehistoric creations display infinitely more personality than any of the human characters. The scene where co-star Golan feeds a sugar cube to an eohippus is groundbreaking stuff.|NULL|Cowboys Battle Monsters in the Lost World of Forbidden Valley.

James Franciscus as Tuck
Gila Golan as T.J.
Richard Carlson as Champ
Laurence Naismith as Professor Bromley
Freda Jackson as Tia Zorina
Gustavo Rojo as Carlos
Dennis Kilbane as Rowdy
Mario De Barros as Bean
Curtis Arden as Lope

Art Direction: Gil Parrondo
Director Of Photography: Erwin Hillier
Additional Writing: Julian More
Director: Jim O’connolly
Editor: Henry Richardson
Producer: Charles H. Schneer
Original Music Composer: Jerome Moross
Visual Effects: Ray Harryhausen
Screenplay: William Bast

UK | 96 minutes | 1969



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