They Made Me a Fugitive | 1947 | Sally Gray, Trevor Howard

They Made Me a Fugitive | 1947 | Sally Gray, Trevor Howard

Alberto Cavalcanti made too few British features and this dark thriller caused some anguish on release for its toughness and the successful depiction of the under-belly of post-war London life. Cav was plainly influenced by US noir cinema and by French poetic realism (esp Le Jour se Leve), and this is wonderfully aided by Otto Heller’s camerawork and the gutsy screenplay.

The flm’s final claim to greatness stems from the complexity Trevor Howard brings to the role of Clem, the RAF officer who gets into crooked company but rejects it when drugs are involved, only to be framed. It becomes a story of retribution and love that is intelligent and adult beyond the dreams of current British gangster cinema.

Sally Gray as Sally Connor
Trevor Howard as George Clement ‘Clem’ Morgan
Griffith Jones as Narcy
René Ray as Cora (as Rene Ray)
Mary Merrall as Aggie
Charles Farrell as Curley
Michael Brennan as Jim
Jack McNaughton as Soapy
Cyril Smith as Bert
John Penrose as Shawney
Eve Ashley as Ellen
Phyllis Robins as Olga
Bill O’Connor as Bill
Maurice Denham as Mr. Fenshaw
Vida Hope as Mrs. Fenshaw
Ballard Berkeley as Rockliffe
Derek Birch as Police Constable Murray
Peter Bull as Fidgity Phil
Gordon Court as Sergeant
Lyn Evans as Lorry Driver
Enid Cruickshank as Club Hostess
Sebastian Cabot as Club Proprietor
Ida Patlanski as Soho Girl
Howard Douglas as Chief Warder
Charles Doe as Electrician

Director: Alberto Cavalcanti
Script: Jackson Budd Noel Langley

UK | 99 minutes | 1947



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