They Were Sisters | 1945 | Phyllis Calvert, James Mason

A strongly acted Gainsborough melodrama charting the married life of three sisters. Phyllis Calvert is happily married while Anne Crawford has a rather dull husband whom she is tired of and cheats on. The third sibling, Dulcie Gray is married to a sadist (James Mason) who drives her to an early grave.

Phyllis Calvert as Lucy Moore
James Mason as Geoffrey Lee
Hugh Sinclair as Terry Crawford
Anne Crawford as Vera Sargeant
Peter Murray-Hill as William Moore
Dulcie Gray as Charlotte Lee
Barry Livesey as Brian Sargeant
Pamela Mason as Margaret Lee (as Pamela Kellino)

Director: Arthur Crabtree
Script: Roland Pertwee, Dorothy Whipple, Katherine Strueby

UK | 110 minutes | 1945


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